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Safety Regulations

All actions are undertaken upon the consensus of the patient and/or the relatives or companions. Everything is kept confidential. Every case is treated with respect to the individuality, uniqueness and dignity of the patient within a distinctive situation.
Standard of Care
All procedures and decisions follow the rules and terms of international guidelines and professional performance. Apart from the state-of-the-art up-to-date medical practice, all parties involved –aviation, assistance, providers- apply the indicated and recommended protocols, under the analysis, inspection and quality control conditions as imposed by the relevant world class bodies.

All participants in a mission are insured and covered for the unforeseen. Liability coverage applies to the airliner, aircrafts, doctors, nurses, ground ambulances, plus the management of medical desk, alarm center and assistance platform.


All complaints are processed immediately and are answered in complete within three days. Conforming to our internal quality control, all events will be reviewed and investigated and a full written reply will be provided.

Air Ambulance & Medical Escorts