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Medical Desk Services

An experienced team of in-house medical doctors, specialist consultants and
aeromedical experts provide medical reports, consultations and cost containment services
for all hospitalizations and medical treatment.

Apart from Air Ambulance & Medical Escort Services, we, at Athens Medevac, provide a wide variety of services, intended to optimize efficiency and reduce medical costs for our clients. These services are under the care of our highly experienced Medical Desk, and include communicating with treating doctors, client medical teams and patients, compiling medical reports on a daily basis, scheduling consultations, offering appropriate solutions to complex situations and controlling medical costs, through price list reviews and medical invoice cost containment procedures. Furthermore, our aeromedical experts’ team is available for medical evacuation advice and consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Medical Desk comprises of in-house medical doctors and a team of specialist consultants with more than 20 years of experience in the field of medical assistance, who, along with our aeromedical experts’ team, are dedicated to providing and maintaining superior medical services for a wide range of needs.

Global leaders in insurance and health services, such as the International Assistance Group, AXA, BUPA, Cega, International SOS and many others, trust us year after year to provide advice, handle medical communication and ensure that medical costs are justified, reasonable and, at the end of the day, minimized. To find out why, read our Medical Escort Testimonials.

Case Management

24/7 Immediate & Flexible Action Complete Medical Report Transmission Hospitalization Monitoring Survey of Medical File Evaluation and Assessment of Treatment Specialized and Reliable Medical Advice Medical Advices According to Specific Circumstances Doctor’s visit on the spot Consulting with the Attending Physician Home Nursing Medications dispatching Repatriation of Mortal Remains Translation and Interpreter ship

Cost Containment

Cost Monitoring Cost Estimation and Study of Settlement of Account Control of Medical Bills and Expenses Claims Handling Medical Bill Audit and Review of Medical invoices

Sanitary Transfers
  • Air Ambulance Evacuations
  • Medical and Nurse Escorts on Commercial Flights
  • Ground Ambulance Mobile Units
  • Taxi transfers
  • Setting Up and Organization of Worldwide Repatriation
  • Study of Definition of the Best Means and Exact Type of Indicated Transfer, Medical Equipment and Proper Medical Personnel
  • Stretcher, Wheel Chair, Extra Seat and Oxygen Arrangements
  • Timely Safe and Comfortable Transportation
  • Reservation, MEDIF, Clearance, Booking and Ticket Delivery on All Airlines

Air Ambulance & Medical Escorts